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Cine Meter II
Adam Wilt

June 29th, 2014

Price: $19.99

Category: Photo & Video

Released: Jun 29, 2014

Version: 1.0

Size: 2.4 MB

Language: English

Seller: Adam Wilt



Cine Meter II by Adam Wilt

Cine Meter II Screenshots


Cine Meter II is a cinematographer's spotmeter with an RGB waveform monitor and a false-color picture, using the camera in your iPhone / iPod / iPad. You can also measure incident light using a Luxi photosphere.

The meter shows you your stop as a decimal value (such as 5.0, good for cameras with EVF iris readouts) or as a full stop and fraction (like 4.0 , good for cine lenses with marked iris rings). Cine Meter II lets you use shutter angles from 11.25 to 360 as well as speeds ideal for Digital Bolex and Blackmagic cameras and you can dial in ND filters and arbitrary exposure compensations.

The waveform monitor shows you how light levels vary across a scene. You'll see how smooth and even the lighting is on a greenscreen or background, and find subtle hotspots and shadows at a glance. The waveforms RGB mode shows you color imbalances in the image and gives you a handy way to check color purity and separation for chroma-keying.

False-color mode lets you define allowable contrast ranges, and see instantly which shadows are underexposed and what highlights risk clipping.


Cine Meter II gives you *absolute* light meter readings, but *relative* picture and waveform monitor levels:

1) Cine Meter IIs picture and waveform monitor do not use the *exact* exposure shown by the light meter (they are close to the meter reading, but can differ from it slightly). The picture and waveform monitor show you *relative* levels within a scene, not *absolute* levels based on the meter reading.

2) You can't *preset* exposure or color temperature in Cine Meter II. To compare exposures and colors, you lock Cine Meter IIs auto-exposure and auto-white-balance settings while looking at a known good reference, such as a gray card. The picture and waveform monitor then show you levels and colors relative to your locked settings.

See for details.

(Why am I telling you this? I would rather have you understand these limitations up-front and not buy Cine Meter II, than have you buy Cine Meter II unaware of them and be disappointed.)

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